For complete pampering

Flourish with VANDINI – enjoy pampering caress with selected floral waters and invigorating fragrances. To protect and nourish your skin VANDINI contains selected floral waters and invigorating fragrances combined with care complexes. All VANDINI formulations are vegan and free from any parabens, silicons and mineral oil. Therefore all products are dermatologically tested.

With high quality pink water

Every series is made out of a specific and high-quality floral water, sourced by a complex procedure and numerous destillations from blossoms.

With an exclusive care complex

Exclusive care complexes perfectly match the specific needs of your skin type, while caring and protecting your skin.

Our Values

German family company

VANDINI is a brand of a german family-owned company. We develop and produce our products in two different southern german-locations, Siegelsbach and Hüffenhardt


We love animals

VANDINI is absolutely against animal testing. We do no animal testing and we do not commission any animal testing. Nevertheless, the efficacy and tolerability of our products are still guaranteed. We believe that good body care products and cosmetics do not have to be developed at the expense of animals.


All products are vegan


Products VANDINI are exclusively vegan. To ensure this, the raw materials of our suppliers are tested upon the vegan society criteria.


Dermatologically tested products


All products VANDINI are dermatologically confirmed. Moreover, we test our products based on different skin types. You can be sure, that our products perfectly match your individual skin requirements.


Without Parabens


 VANDINI is free from parabens. We use skin-friendly and well-tolerated paraben free conservation alternatives.

Without Silicons


We renounce the usage of silicons as treatment plants can not filter silicons completly out of the water. Thus they can get into our rivers and seas, degrading very slowly.


Without mineral oils


 Our formulations exclusively contain natural vegetable oils and are therefore free of mineral oils. Mineral oils are suspected to cause cancer due to their poliycyclical aromatic hydracarbon.




The VANDINI HYDRO range with magnolia blossom water, precious almond milk and HYDRO complex supports the natural moisture of the skin. Hypo-allergenic and dermatologically tested.


Invigorating energy for normal to dry skin. The nourishing VANDINI ENERGY range with orange blossom water, precious babassu oil and ENERGY complex vitalises the skin. Its fresh scent of orange blossom invigorates the senses. Hypo-allergenic and dermatologically tested.



Pure care for dry skin. The rich VANDINI NUTRI range with rose blossom water, peony extract and precious argan oil provides intensive care for skin prone to dryness. The luxurious fragrance of peonies in the NUTRI care products gently caresses the senses. Hypo-allergenic and dermatologically tested.



Gentle care for delicate and sensitive skin. The mild VANDINI SENSITIVE range with violet blossom water and precious rice milk preserves the natural protective function of delicate and sensitive skin. The delicate scent of violet blossom is a treat for the senses.


VANDINI face masks

The innovative three-step VANDINI face care masks are perfectly coordinated to provide the ideal facial treatment including cleanser, mask and a final treatment.


everything you need and give to yourself and others

Gift sets Vandini

DUO-SET SENSITIVE shower gel and lotion

Violet flowers and rice milk for sensitive skin. Mild formula with water from violet flowers, precious rice milk and SENSITIVE complex, with aloe vera and vitamin B3, gently cleanses sensitive skin and maintains the skin's natural protective function.

DUO-SET NUTRI shower gel and lotion

 Peony flowers and argan oil for dry skin. Extensively enriched care - Duo gift set includes VANDINI NUTRI shower gel and NUTRI body lotion. The rich offer of VANDINI NUTRI with water from rose flowers, peony extract and valuable argan oil provides intensive care for skin prone to dryness.



DUO-SET HYDRO shower gel and lotion

Magnolia flowers and almond milk for the care of normal to dry skin. Double Care - Duo gift set for women includes VANDINI HYDRO shower gel and HYDRO body lotion. For noticeably soft skin.


DUO-SET ENERGY shower gel and lotion

Orange flowers and babassu palm oil for the care of normal to dry skin. Invigorating Energy - The Duo gift set includes VANDINI ENERGY shower gel and ENERGY body lotion. The nourishing ENERGY line with water from orange blossoms, precious babassu oil and ENERGY energy revitalizes the skin.