Dr. Pavlović

Originalna Pavlovićeva mast-mazilo

Dr. Pavlović

Original Pavlović ointment

Pavlović's original ointment was created after the Second World War out of the need for extensive care and protection of sensitive children's skin. Pediatrician Dr. Živorad Pavlović experimented with various substances for about two years at the state pharmacy in Zvezdara (Belgrade), before finally inventing the right formula in 1947. The company “Laboratorija dr. Pavlović ”, which now employs 13 experts and produces 1,580,000 units of the original Pavlović ointment.  

“We have gained the trust of customers, especially parents and everyone else, who once adored him and he has once again become an indispensable product of every family. Quality, tradition and trust are some words that are closely related to the original Pavlovič ointment. ”- dr. Vojislav Pavlović


 Original Pavlović Mast

used for daily care and protection of children's skin, in order to prevent contact with irritating urine, feces and sweat. The components of the ointment are skin preservatives (vaseline), substances with astringent and absorbent action (zinc oxide and talc), occluders and substances that give oil (vaseline, lanolin, liquid paraffin), which prevent close contacts with their hydrating effect. between urine, sweat, and fecal components.  In addition, fatty substances in the formula of the preparation, with their occlusive effect, enable the protection and restoration of underdeveloped skin barriers (in infants - in the constitutional phase). In this way, these occlusions reduce TEWL (transepidermal water loss) from the skin, i. they slow down the drying of the skin and thus indirectly moisturize the skin from within. The active ingredient bisabolol has an anti-inflammatory, soothing and mild antiseptic effect on sensitive baby skin.  In addition to caring for sensitive children's skin, Pavlović's ointment is also used by the elderly, as it alleviates the discomfort caused by dry skin on the body and face, prevents rashes and stretch marks, and relieves swelling, burns and bedsores.