Alkmene for body care

Promising long-lasting quality


Promising long-lasting quality 

The Alkmene Promise

Alkmene has been developing reliable body and facial care products for over 50 years, combining extensive knowledge of ingredients with natural powers. Mothers and grandmothers have long passed on beauty secrets to their children and grandchildren in order to preserve them in this way. And it is this knowledge that Alkmene uses in its formulas. The special feature of the collection is the combination of essential extracts of selected traditional plants, with a pleasant scent, which gives a unique nurturing experience.

Alkmene collection with care products containing extracts and oils of selected traditional plants.

Take care of yourself and the environment!

Most packaging comes from recycled materials. We avoid the use of unwanted ingredients and develop skin-friendly formulas.

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Made in Germany



Recycled material


Free of parabens, silicones and mineral oils


Bio-organic quality


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 Reliable, caring products for the care of young and mature skin. The collection contains special organic oils and extracts of selected traditional plants.

Traditional plants


Olive is one of the most popular medicinal plants used in body care.


Aloe Vera

The name of this famous medicinal plant comes from Arabic.



Since ancient times, people have been aware of the special effect Mallow and cultivated it as a vegetable or medicinal plant.



Bitter orange essential oil is considered one of the most exclusive oils in the world.


Whether young or old, everyone has heard of chamomile.



The medicinal plant calendula, also called calendula, has been given many names throughout history.



Because its leaves often irritate the skin upon contact, nettle has gained a bad reputation among many garden owners.


Horse chestnut

Wild chestnuts originate from low mountain regions in Greece, Albania and Macedonia.



Lavender is best known for its intense scent that relaxes the body and mind.


Spruce buds

Spruce belongs to the pine family and is one of the most important wood species in Central Europe.


Water Mint

Mint is one of the oldest medicinal plants of mankind, on which the Celts and the ancient Greeks also relied for their healing effects.


everything you need

Body care for your well-being

Bathing and showering

Treat yourself to an unforgettable refreshing experience, with Alkmena cleansing gels or a soothing bath, with carefully selected traditional plant extracts and essential oils.


Skin care

Alkmene offers products for every skin type. They pamper your skin, provide long-lasting moisture and give it a pleasant scent.


Hair care

Clean and care for your hair in a natural way. Whether you have damaged, thin, colored or normal hair, Alkmene is the right choice.

Hand care

Hand creams pamper your skin, provide long-lasting moisture and give them a pleasant scent.


Care after activities

Discover the power of traditional plants in our care products for exercise, health and well-being.