Since ancient times, people were aware of the special effect of mallow and cultivated it as a vegetable or medicinal plant. In the Middle Ages, it was even called "Omnimorbia" - a medicinal plant for all diseases. Knowledge of this medicinal plant has been passed down for centuries and its properties are still used today.

The malt family is large and versatile. Wild mallow (Malva sylvestris) is unparalleled in its wide variety of uses and also has the most citations in the professional literature.

Extracts of this medicinal plant can be used for many problems. In his book on herbs in 1577, the botanist Hieronymus Bock described a wide variety of uses. He found a healing effect and that the extract helps with inflamed wounds. He even recommended this plant for soothing after bee stings.

Due to the wild mallow, as a medicinal plant for skin care, the mucus it contains is particularly interesting. Soothes inflammation of the skin and mucous membranes, and is especially useful for people with sensitive skin. In addition, its high mucus content can stimulate the skin's own resistance to transmit harmful influences from the environment.

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