Lavender is best known for its intense scent that relaxes the body and mind. It also has many positive properties that make the medicinal plant suitable for hair and skin care. These special properties were already known in the days of Julius Caesar, who enjoyed a relaxing lavender bath after a busy day in the Senate. The Romans used this plant both to heal wounds and to calm the nerves.

 Usually the plant was used for headaches, asthma and cramps, from lavender water. It has also been used for muscle tension, rheumatism and physical exhaustion.

Because scientists have been transmitting the properties of lavender for centuries, its effects are very well known and common today. Relieves cramps, soothes and speeds up blood circulation. It helps strengthen hair and accelerate hair growth.

Alkmene uses this medicinal plant in its products for optimal skin and hair care. Advanced formulas contain extracts of organic lavender and other high quality ingredients.