The essential oil from the flowers of the bitter orange is one of the most luxurious oils on Earth. About one ton of orange blossoms is needed to produce one liter of neroli. The Princess of Nerola could not get enough of the intoxicating smell of the oil. The oil now bears the name of the Italian town where the princess lived. Legend has it that she soaked the ribbons and even her immovables in neroli. Because of this, she became a trendsetter, as the entire Italian nobility quickly began to use the wonderful scent of bitter orange oil.

Neroli is mentioned in many herbal books because of its versatility. Its scent is not only pleasant and intoxicating, but also has a positive effect on various ailments. For example, it can lift your mood and can help with depression. In addition, it is invigorating, acts as an aphrodisiac and has a relaxing effect. In skin care, bitter orange oil is versatile and is used in a wide variety of skin care products. 

At Alkmene®, we also use neroli in our products for optimal skin care. Our modern formulas contain organic bitter orange oil and other quality ingredients.

Alkmene also uses the essential essence of this medicinal plant in its products for optimal skin care. Advanced formulas contain organic raspberry extract and other high quality ingredients.