Chamomile is one of the most famous home herbs in Europe and was highly prized in Ancient Egypt for its many effects. The Egyptians considered it sacred and worshiped it as a flower of the sun god because of its yellow color. Today, it is still considered useful for wounds, colds or sleep disorders.

Hieronymus Bock, a famous botanist from the Middle Ages, was fascinated by the diverse effect of chamomile. In his herbal book of 1577, he wrote about its great healing power. It also describes the soothing effect of chamomile oil. Due to its many positive properties, this medicinal plant is very popular today.

It has a calming effect, prevents inflammation and relieves both internal and external ailments. When used internally, chamomile flowers (like tea) can help with colds and stomach problems. When applied externally, the plant can help heal wounds. It is even useful in hair care. It strengthens the structure of the hair and gives it a silky shine.

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